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Gov. Moore wants to

lower environmental controls on data centers

to make Maryland more


Read more here.


Rejected by

County Council

Read more here and here.

Data centers are coming to south Frederick County. Strong regulation is needed BEFORE plans are approved, as northern Virginia has learned the hard way. The Piedmont Environmental Council explains the issues in this video.

Members of the county Data Centers Workgroup reported their recommendations on 1/25. They recommended that no data centers be located in the Sugarloaf Plan area (their final report is due 3/1).  However, the County Executive and the County Council don't have to take the DCWG recommendations. Sign up for our mailing list to keep up with this process.

Sugarloaf Alliance President Steve Black spoke at the 12/12 Frederick County Council hearing, making the case for Council support of the Overlay. However, on 12/19, the Council voted against all proposed amendments and then voted 5-2 to reject the unamended Sugarloaf Overlay District.  Read more here.

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