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How to Submit Your Comments

Below, how to comment to:

-Frederick County Planning Commission

-Frederick County Council

-Maryland State Senators and House Members representing Frederick County

-Maryland State environmental committee legislators



  • The Sugarloaf Plan Overlay District is currently under consideration (again) by the Frederick County Planning Commission. Sugarloaf Alliance supports the Overlay District.

  • Quantum Loophole construction plans for the Eastalco brownfield site also are under consideration by the Planning Commission. Sugarloaf Alliance supports the construction data centers on industrial campuses such as this, but believes Quantum Loophole must come into compliance with environmental regulations before site plans are approved.

FREDERICK COUNTY COUNCIL Members' email addresses and phone numbers:

Jerry Donald (District 1),, 301-600-2336

(District 1 includes the Sugarloaf Plan area.)


Steve McKay (District 2),, 301-600-1034


M.C. Keegan-Ayer (District 3),, 301-600-1045


Kavonte Duckett, Council Vice President (District 4),, 301-600-2336


Mason Carter (District 5),, 301-600-1034


Brad Young, Council President (At-Large Member),, 301-600-1101


Renee Knapp (At-Large Member),, 301-600-2336


Note that you also can email the County Council as a group at We believe that it is these emails that will become part of the public record, so we would encourage you to CC this address on all your Sugarloaf comments.


Watch online:

Call in and record your comments after the meeting begins: Call 855-925-2801 and enter code 8365, press * for comment instructions which will tell you to press 2 to record a voicemail message that will be played during the meeting. We recommend that you also email your phoned-in comments to the County Council as a group at


STATE SENATORS Representing Frederick County


STATE HOUSE MEMBERS Representing Frederick County

Senate Education, Energy, and the Environment Committee Members:,,,,,,,,,,

House Economic Matters Committee Members:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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