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Two Articles:

Frederick Co. Economic Development Plan &

Data Centers' Power

We think you’ll want to read these two articles. 


FIRST, this from the Bay Journal ( "Data Center Battle in Maryland Gets Early Preview in Rural County"

“….Natelli owns a large swath of land along the west side of I-270 that is within the Sugarloaf plan limits. He said he hopes the county will consider making it possible to construct data centers along the highway because of its proximity to needed infrastructure available on the opposite side of the road."


In yesterday’s newsletter, we reported that the county's Livable Frederick planning office intends "to initiate a plan with Economic Development to look at potentially expanding areas for employment uses.” We anticipate that Mr. Natelli will resume his challenge to the current Sugarloaf Plan boundary. As we’ve said all along (read here and here), the only sensible Sugarloaf Plan boundary is I-270, with development to the east and preservation to the west, and its looking like we’ll all have to step up and make that case again.



SECOND, this from The Washington Post:

“Internet data centers are fueling drive to old power source: Coal”


In yesterday’s newsletter, we said, "New power lines are planned to cross Maryland - including Frederick County’s Sugarloaf treasured landscape - in order to increase power available for the Quantum Loophole data centers, but primarily for Loudoun County, Virginia. If you’ve lived in the Sugarloaf area for awhile, you’ll remember the PATH fights, with a transmission line route straight through the Sugarloaf Plan area.” 


Look closely at the transmission line map published in The Washington Post article. See the projected new line through the Sugarloaf area?

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