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About Us

The Sugarloaf Alliance is an all-volunteer, non-profit community organization. Our education initiatives support preservation of the unique natural and historical aspects of the Sugarloaf Mountain area of Frederick County, Maryland - including watersheds, streams, meadows, forests, and historic sites. 


The Sugarloaf Alliance was formed in 2014 to preserve the current character and use of the of Sugarloaf Mountain and the surrounding Sugarloaf area. The organization was created to coordinate citizen efforts when an entity purchased property in the Sugarloaf Area with the intent of creating the largest paramilitary shooting range in the country. The community was successful; the gun range zoning application was defeated.

Frederick County is among the fastest growing in the state, and Sugarloaf’s proximity to I-270 insures ongoing development pressure. The Sugarloaf Alliance currently is participating in the county’s public process in support of the Sugarloaf Treasured Landscape Management Plan. Because southwest Frederick County also is becoming a magnet for data center development the Alliance advocates for best practices to protect the environment and quality of life in the area.

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Our Team

Board Members:

Steve Black (President)

Sue Trainor (Vice President)

Nick Carrera (Treasurer)

Johanna Springston (Secretary)

Exec. Committee Members:

Ingrid Rosencrantz,

Steve Poteat, Blanca Poteat, Karla Stoner, Peter Blood

Social Media: David Luu

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