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8/30 Newsletter: Boundary Amendment

Dear Neighbors and Friends of Sugarloaf,

First, sorry for the multiple emails. If you signed the petition, you’ve now received a version through as well as two from me directly. Here’s the reason for the third email:

We are advised that everyone needs to contact Council Members Fitzwater and Keegan-Ayers NOW. 

An amendment to the Sugarloaf Plan is going to be introduced - probably tonight - to allow dense development west of I-270. We believe the amendment will propose going back to the July 2021 boundary, which includes the Thurston Road and Rt. 80/Park Mills Road developer-property cut-outs. This is the boundary we’ve been opposing all year.


We need these two Council Members to vote against the amendment. Neither Member has been forthcoming about their thinking on the Plan. Note, Ms. Fitzwater is the Democratic candidate for County Executive in this fall’s election, so she is seeking the vote of every Frederick County resident. 


Please call and write to them directly, NOW. Here are some ideas for your messages:


* You support the the Planning Commission’s recommended I-270 boundary. The single most important thing is the boundary and the preservation goal.


* You believe that the July 2021 boundary (drawn at Rt. 80 and including the Thurston Road cut-out) is highly suspect and will substantially benefit the developer whose properties are excluded. Instead of a preservation plan, the Sugarloaf Plan becomes a development plan with a preservation footnote. 


*  If the boundary moves to allow dense, commercial and possibly industrial development on the west side of I-270, suburban sprawl will creep across the area as adjacent property-owners sell out. 


* A vote against the I-270 boundary is a vote against the Plan.


* You will vote for candidates to who listen and respond to you.  



YOUR EMAIL SUBJECT LINE should be strong. 

Suggestion: I vote for candidates who vote for the I-270 boundary!


Ms. Fitzwater and Ms. Keegan-Ayers need to hear from multitudes.


Here’s how you reach the Council Members:

Jessica Fitzwater (District 4),, 301-600-2336

M.C. Keegan-Ayer (Pres., District 3),, 301-600-1101



The most important thing you can do right now is to call or email these two Council Members. 



If you can show up for the Council meetings at Winchester Hall - TODAY Tuesday, 8/30 at 5:30pm and on Tuesday 9/13 - please do, wearing a green shirt. 


Find more info at our website,



Thanks, Everyone!

     The Sugarloaf Alliance represents over 450 stakeholders in the Sugarloaf region. The Alliance’s mission is to protect the unique natural and historical aspects of the Sugarloaf Mountain area and its environment through education and initiatives in support of watersheds, streams, meadows, forests, and historic sites. Working with volunteers, civic groups, and local, state, and federal agencies, the organization’s primary goal is to preserve the unique character and serenity of the area for future generations.  Sugarloaf Alliance is a 501(c)(3) organization.


       Steve Black, President

       Sue Trainor, Vice President

       Nick Carrera, Treasurer

       Johanna Springston, Secretary

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