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Tuesday, 9/27 at 5:30pm 

Winchester Hall, 12 E Church St, Frederick

Plan to be there! Come early!! Gather out front at 5PM

This is the moment to show up for Sugarloaf! An overflowing room of Sugarloaf preservation supporters, clad in green shirts*, will tell a story like nothing else can. Remember the gun range plan? Residents prevailed, and it was the overflowing Council space that made the difference. We need to do that again.


This is the Frederick County Council’s formal hearing on the Sugarloaf Plan as recommended by the Planning Commission and the amendments that have been introduced by Council Members. This is the night when public comments are the primary focus of the meeting.  


The Sugarloaf Alliance Supports:

  • The Plan’s I-270 boundary from Montgomery County to the Monocacy.

  • The Overlay and the Plan’s preservation goals for the Sugarloaf area.

The Sugarloaf Alliance Opposes:

  • The paragraph on page 54, which opens the door to short-term Plan amendments, because it creates an explicit opportunity for developers to quickly push for Plan changes despite more than 2 years of work and public input on the current version. (Mr. McKay has introduced an amendment to eliminate the language.)

  • The Dacey Boundary Amendment that would draw the boundary at Rt. 80 and include the Thurston Road cut-out. What’s wrong with the Dacey Boundary Amendment? Data Centers.


The Secret Amazon Data Center Project at Sugarloaf


The Sugarloaf Alliance has obtained information indicating that Amazon Web Services intends

to build one or more data center complex(s) on the West side of I-270, within the current

boundaries of the draft Sugarloaf Treasured Landscape Management Plan. We believe that

current efforts to move the plan boundary away from I-270 (the Dacey Amendment) are related

to this secret Amazon project. To read the full investigative report, click here. 




There’s no going back: If commercial interests prevail, if the Council does not hold the boundary line at I-270 and/or does not fully support the preservation overlay, the west-side sprawl will begin. The Sugarloaf Plan becomes a development plan, not a preservation plan. PLEASE ATTEND THE HEARING on 9/27!




The Sugarloaf Alliance now has beautiful t-shirts, green of course! And perfect for supporting the Sugarloaf Plan on 9/27! You can get yours for a minimum donation of $20. We will have them in front of Winchester Hall on 9/27. 



If You Can’t Be There in Person….

  • The County Council will take phone calls. We recommend that you call in and record your comments AFTER the meeting begins at 5:30: Call 855-925-2801 and enter code 8365. You will be prompted to press * for more options. Press 2 to record a voicemail message that will be played during the meeting.

  • Watch the meeting online:



  • Email or call your Council Member, the At-Large Members, and County Executive Candidate Fitzwater:

Steve McKay (District 2),, 301-600-1034

Michael Blue (VP, District 5), 301-600-1034

Jerry Donald* (District 1),, 301-600-2336

Jessica Fitzwater (District 4),, 301-600-2336

M.C. Keegan-Ayer (Pres., District 3),, 301-600-1101

Kai Hagen (At Large),, 301-600-2336

Phil Dacey (at Large),, 301-600-1034


* The Sugarloaf Plan area is within Councilman Donald’s district.

The Sugarloaf Alliance represents over 500 stakeholders in the Sugarloaf region. The Alliance’s mission is to protect the unique natural and historical aspects of the Sugarloaf Mountain area and its environment through education and initiatives in support of watersheds, streams, meadows, forests, and historic sites. Working with volunteers, civic groups, and local, state, and federal agencies, the organization’s primary goal is to preserve the unique character and serenity of the area for future generations. Sugarloaf Alliance is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Steve Black, President

Sue Trainor, Vice President

Nick Carrera, Treasurer

Johanna Springston, Secretary

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