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No Floodplain Drilling

On 6/22/23 the Frederick County Board of Appeals will consider an application by Quantum Loophole for a special exception that would allow them to drill below floodplain in Frederick County to run QLoop cable. Sugarloaf Alliance opposes granting an exception at this time. There should be no consideration given to this application to drill and operate in the floodplains until the project is fully in compliance with all applicable regulations, Quantum proves that the river and floodplain crossings are the least risky points, and that changing their route to avoid sensitive areas would cause them “exceptional hardship.”


Click here now to sign the Sugarloaf Alliance petition, asking the Board of Appeals to deny QL's special exception request at this time. 


Please note that will encourage you make contributions. Be aware that those contributions go to Sugarloaf Alliance welcomes your tax deductible donations through our website donation page.


Here’s what the petition says:

In light of the illegal environmental damage that Quantum Loophole already has caused, we the undersigned call on the Frederick County Board of Appeals to deny Quantum Loophole "a Special Exception to allow Activity within a Floodplain.” Before a special exception is approved, Quantum Loophole must first:

·      come into full compliance with all environmental regulations;

·      demonstrate that the requested QLoop alignment is the ‘minimum needed’ and the lowest risk possible; and

·      prove that denial of the request would cause ‘exceptional hardship’.

The Board of Appeals hearing is scheduled for June 22 at 7pm in Winchester Hall. We’ll follow up with more details as the date approaches. 

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