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Please Sign the Petition
to support the
Frederick County
Sugarloaf Treasured Landscape Management Plan

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Why support the Sugarloaf Plan?

* The Plan’s intent is to protect the area’s beautiful woodlands and waterways, farms and historic sites, preserving the rural nature of southern Frederick County on the west side of I-270.

*The Plan largely maintains the rural environment as we enjoy it today and ensures that any changes to the area’s land uses reflect a higher standard of environmental protection through the Overlay Zoning District. Current uses of the land are unchanged for the most part.

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Will the value of my property change?

With the Overlay, it is expected that property values will remain stable, with the added benefits from protection of the surrounding area’s land uses and unique environmental features.

Without the Overlay, regional development pressures are likely to cause significant changes in the area’s character and value, including destruction of woodlands, waterways and habitats, loss of valuable farmland, and increased traffic.

If you live in the Sugarloaf area...

... and you received a letter from Frederick County, you may have questions about how the Plan affects your property. We suggest you contact Tim Goodfellow (, 301-600-2508) in the County planning office for an accurate explanation. It is our understanding that, as a practical matter, property-specific zoning changes shouldn’t affect your land use.

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